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Publish messages on a topic back to your robotics stack.



Editing modeWhether you want to edit the message to publish; On by default
Button titleDefaults to "Publish"
Button tooltipDefaults to "Connect to ROS to publish data"
Button colorDefaults to green

User interactions

Specifying the topic you want to publish your message on will automatically infer its schema name and populate the text field with a JSON message template.

Clicking into the schema name field will provide a dropdown list of common ROS schemas. Selecting a schema will also populate the text field with a JSON message template.

Edit the template to customize the message you want to send back to your ROS stack, before hitting "Publish".

publish panel

The "Publish" button will be disabled if Foxglove is not connected to a data source that supports publishing. When connecting to a WebSocket server that implements the Foxglove WebSocket protocol, the server must declare the clientPublish capability in order to support publishing from Foxglove.