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A primitive representing a set of triangles or a surface tiled by triangles

Parent schema

TriangleListPrimitive appears in the SceneEntity message schema.


posePoseOrigin of triangles relative to reference frame
pointsPoint3[]Vertices to use for triangles, interpreted as a list of triples (0-1-2, 3-4-5, ...)
colorColorSolid color to use for the whole shape. One of color or colors must be provided.
colorsColor[]Per-vertex colors (if specified, must have the same length as points). One of color or colors must be provided.
indicesuint32[]Indices into the points and colors attribute arrays, which can be used to avoid duplicating attribute data.


If omitted or empty, indexing will not be used. This default behavior is equivalent to specifying [0, 1, ..., N-1] for the indices (where N is the number of points provided).

Reference implementations

Foxglove schemas are framework-agnostic, and can be implemented using any supported message encoding:

ROS 1foxglove_msgs/TriangleListPrimitive
ROS 2foxglove_msgs/msg/TriangleListPrimitive
OMG IDLfoxglove::TriangleListPrimitive

You must use the schema names specified above for Foxglove to recognize the schema.