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A primitive representing a 3D model file loaded from an external URL or embedded data

Parent schema

ModelPrimitive appears in the SceneEntity message schema.


posePoseOrigin of model relative to reference frame
scaleVector3Scale factor to apply to the model along each axis
colorColorSolid color to use for the whole model if override_color is true.
override_colorbooleanWhether to use the color specified in color instead of any materials embedded in the original model.
urlstringURL pointing to model file. One of url or data should be provided.
media_typestringMedia type of embedded model (e.g. model/gltf-binary). Required if data is provided instead of url. Overrides the inferred media type if url is provided.
databytesEmbedded model. One of url or data should be provided. If data is provided, media_type must be set to indicate the type of the data.

Reference implementations

Foxglove schemas are framework-agnostic, and can be implemented using any supported message encoding:

ROS 1foxglove_msgs/ModelPrimitive
ROS 2foxglove_msgs/msg/ModelPrimitive
OMG IDLfoxglove::ModelPrimitive

You must use the schema names specified above for Foxglove to recognize the schema.