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Download Foxglove as a desktop app (available on Linux, Windows, or macOS), or navigate to the web app in a Chrome browser window.

Desktop-only features

Some features are only available via the desktop app.

Connecting to data


  • Installing extensions via the marketplace
  • Installing extensions locally



Connect to a data source to explore it with Foxglove's visualization and debugging tools.

top nav

App menuConnect to a data source, toggle the sidebars, or view resources
Add panelAdd a panel to the current layout
Layout menuSave your workspace view as a layout and share it with teammates
Left sidebarEdit panel settings (Panel), view data source's topics (Topics), and troubleshoot issues with your connection (Problems)
Right sidebarSet variables for your current layout
User menuSign in to your Foxglove account, configure preferences, manage extensions, and more


Configure Foxglove app settings, privacy preferences, and experimental features.

Click into the Preferences tab in the app sidebar to configure the following settings.


Color schemeChoose between light or dark mode, or follow your OS settings
Display timestamps inTimezone used to display timestamps
Timestamp formatFormatting used to display timestamps
Message rate (Hz)Message pipeline's frame rate; lowering frame rate will reduce CPU usage and redraw frequency for certain panels; rendering will continue at the usual 60fps for smooth playback
LanguageApp language (contribute translations)
UpdatesToggle ability to automatically update the desktop app
ROS_PACKAGE_PATHPaths to search for ROS packages (local file paths or package:// URLs); separate paths with standard OS path separator (e.g. ':' on Unix)


Decide whether you want to send anonymized usage data or crash reports to the Foxglove team. All data will be used to improve the app.

These settings require an app relaunch to take effect.


Select the Foxglove extensions you want to install.

Experimental features

These features are not recommended for regular use – they are either deprecated or in active development or testing.

Reach out in the Slack community, if you have any questions about any of these features.