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Local development

Build and test custom Foxglove extensions locally before publishing.


To build and install your extension into a local Foxglove extensions folder, run npm run local-install. This will create a folder under your home directory (e.g. ~/.foxglove-studio/extensions/unknown.myExtensionName-0.0.0) with your compiled extension.

Open the latest version of the Foxglove desktop app. You should now see myExtensionName in the list of installed extensions in your app settings.

Once installed, you should be able to open the "Add panel" menu and see an option called ExamplePanel. You've successfully loaded your first Foxglove extension!

To install local extensions on the web app, you must first packaged your extension and then drag-and-drop the .foxe file onto an open visualization page. You can also open .foxe files in the desktop app via drag-and-drop or double clicking.


Each time you make a change to your extension, you must run npm run local-install to build it to your local extensions folder.

Reload or restart Foxglove to execute the latest version of your extension code in the app. Alternatively, you can confirm your code compiles without installing it locally by simply running npm run build.