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Clicking "Visualize" from the Foxglove dashboard will take you to an "Open data source" dialog.

Data source dialog

Data sources

Connect to a live data source or load local and Foxglove-imported files to visualize their data.

Use caseSupported formats
Live data
"Open connection"
Inspect real-time data coming in from a live robotics stack or a remote source (e.g. S3 bucket)
Local data
"Open local file"
Inspect data stored locally on your computer
Imported data
"Upload and share data"
Inspect data imported to the Foxglove platform

If you're curious about Foxglove, but don't have your own robotics data on hand, you can "Explore sample data" to load sample data adapted from nuScenes in an example layout.

Once connected, Foxglove will display the data source's topics in the sidebar: