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Load local and remote MCAP (.mcap) files.

Live data

In Foxglove, select "Open connection" in the "Open data source" dialog.

Remote file

Select "Remote file" in the "Open data source" dialog, and enter the URL to your remote .mcap file:

Remote file dialog

Check out the directions for setting up CORS to load remote data files into Foxglove.

Local data

To load a local file for visualization, you have several options:

  • Double-click the file from your file manager
  • Drag-and-drop the file into Foxglove directly
  • Click "Open local file" in the dashboard or left hand menu
    Local file dialog

Imported data

Use Foxglove to upload your MCAP (.mcap) files and stream it directly for visualization.

After importing data to Foxglove, select individual resources to visualize on the Recordings or Events pages:

Visualize on Recordings page

Select a custom time range of data (can span multiple recordings or events) to visualize on the Timeline page: