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Recordings represent every data file recorded by your organization's devices.

Import, delete, and search recordings from the Recordings page:

Recordings page

Hover over each recording to visualize it using Foxglove panels. Open the recording's "Actions" menu to delete it or to download it as an .mcap or .bag file:

Recording actions

Select specific time ranges of data to download from the Timeline page.

Timeline page


DefinitionCLI command
ImportImport a data recording for a device in your organizationfoxglove data import ~/data/bags/gps.bag --device-id dev_drpLqjBZYUzus3gv
DeleteDelete a data recording imported into your organizationN/A
Attach contextual dataImport MCAP files with metadata recordsN/A
Attach auxiliary dataImport MCAP files with attachmentsN/A
DownloadDownload a data recording as an MCAP or ROS 1 .bag file$ foxglove data export --device-id dev_flm75pLkfzUBX2DH --start 2001-01-01T00:00:00Z --end 2022-01-01T00:00:00Z --output-format mcap0 --topics /gps/fix,/gps/fix_velocity > output.mcap