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Events represent points or time ranges of interest in your organization's recordings. They help you quickly identify, categorize, and search for relevant subsets of your data.

Each event requires an associated device, timestamp, and duration (0 for an instantaneous event). It can also contain optional metadata.

Add event during playback

Click “Visualize” for a recording on the “Recordings” page. The data will open for playback in a new window – locate the bookmark icon on the playback bar:

Event icon

Seek to a point of interest in your data, then click the bookmark icon to add an event at that point on the timeline.

Add event

Added events will also persist to the “Events” page.

View and search during playback

View a list of all events associated with the current data source in the right sidebar's "Events" tab. The search input field uses the same syntax as Foxglove event search – filter events by metadata keys and values and find events of interest.

When streaming Foxglove recordings, the playback bar will also display events as blue bars. Hovering on a blue bar will display its metadata in a tooltip:

Event tooltip

If the "Events" sidebar is open, hovering on an event on the playback timeline will highlight its corresponding information in the sidebar:

Event hover


Add, list, delete, and search events from the Events page.

create event

AddAdd an event to flag interesting data in your organizationTBD
ListView your organization's eventsfoxglove events list
DeleteDelete an event in your organizationTBD

Search events by device, time range, and metadata on the Events page.

Use the syntax below to filter by metadata keys and values:

Specific keyAny key
Specific valueweather:rain*:rain
Any valueweather:*
Multiple values (all required)weather:rain weather:fog
Multiple values (1+ required)weather:rain,fog,"mostly sunny"

A single word (e.g. error) will look for matching metadata keys or values.

Non-alphanumeric characters can be used inside quotes (e.g. "/weather/rain":* or "@my.custom.key":"10%").