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Manage data

Start processing data through your Foxglove edge site.

Import to edge

To add recordings to your edge site:

  1. Upload the recording to the storage volume for the site.
  2. Make an HTTP POST request to the edge controller /v1/recordings endpoint. The request body must include a path (string path to the recording within the storage volume) and deviceName (for the recording). Use the optional `autoImport`` parameter to trigger an immediate import of the data:
$ curl -X POST http://my-edge-site/v1/recordings \
-d '{"path": "path/to/log.mcap", "deviceName": "my-device", "autoImport": true}'

Once successfully uploaded to your edge site, your recording will appear on the Recordings page and be available via the recordings API endpoint.

Import to cloud

To access data from your edge site, you must first import it to your Primary Site in the cloud.

Queue import for any edge recording using the Foxglove API or the Recordings page. The edge site will process this queue using available bandwidth resources.

Once import to your Primary Site is complete, you can use the Foxglove API to access the recording.