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Devices represent every real and simulated robot that your organization wants to track.

When importing data into Foxglove, you can associate each data recording with the device that recorded it.


Add, list, delete, and search devices from the Devices page.

DefinitionCLI command
AddAdd a uniquely named device for every robot your organization wants to trackfoxglove devices add --name "my device"
ListView your organization's devicesfoxglove devices list
DeleteDelete a device in your organizationfoxglove devices delete --name "my device"

Custom properties

Custom properties are predefined metadata fields that can be associated with a device. They are set by admins for their organization.


Admins can go into the Custom properties settings to create custom properties for their organization's devices.

Each custom property must include:

  • Key – Unique identifier (e.g. version)
  • Value type – Enforced type for the custom property's value (e.g. "Single-line text")

For example, an admin could create a custom device property called version that accepts numeric values. Any organization member can now add a version number to the team's robots to track their hardware versions.

Set and edit values

Once an admin has created a custom device property, any organization member can now go to any device page to set and edit custom property values (e.g. setting Device A's version to 65).


After assigning custom property values to various resources, go to Devices to query by those values (e.g. devices with a version set to 65).