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Studio – Playback Performance

Display playback and data-streaming performance statistics. Displayed only when the "Studio debug panels" experimental feature is toggled on in the app settings.

playback performance panel

The following statistics are displayed for a given playback session. "Instantaneous" statistics are reported based on the most recent frame, and also are averaged over the last 5 seconds.

Playback speed

The player tries to play at the speed specified by the user, but may not be able to keep up, given heavy layouts and large amounts of data. This chart displays the actual playback speed as a ratio of bag time to playback time.

Frame rate

The number of frames played per second. Though the player can play back at up to 60fps, this statistic will be lower if frames take longer than 16ms to render.

Bag frame time

The duration in bag-time for the rendered frames in milliseconds. To "keep up" with playback, Foxglove will often emit "larger" frames.

Data throughput

The amount of data received by the player in megabits per second. For remote bags, this includes topics that the player is not subscribed to. This statistic does not account for Content-Encoding compression, so it may be larger than the actual network bandwidth.