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Foxglove organization admins can use the Settings page to modify the subscription plan, invite and manage team members, and configure organization-wide settings like sites and custom device properties.


On the General settings page, admins can:

  • Organization name – Edit the organization name
  • Subscription – View and modify plan details
  • Approved domains – New users signing in with email addresses from these domains are automatically added to the organization
  • Usage – Shows data storage usage
  • Danger zone – Delete the organization


On the Team settings page, admins can:

  • View a list of all team members (name, email address, last seen, role)
  • Invite or remove team members
  • Modify team members' roles ("admin", "user")


On the Sites settings page, admins can:

  • Look up the status, name, and ID of their Foxglove- and self-hosted Primary Sites
  • Look up the status, name, and ID of their on-premises Edge Sites
  • Add Foxglove-hosted Primary Sites
  • Add Edge Sites

Custom properties

On the Custom properties settings page, admins can set predefined metadata fields (i.e. custom properties) for the whole organization to associate with their devices.

API keys

On the API keys settings page, admins can:

  • Generate API keys for accessing the Foxglove API
  • Enable, disable, or permanently delete generated API keys
  • Configure the API key's capabilities per data resource (e.g. read-only for devices, read and write for recordings, etc.)


On the SSO settings page, admins can configure Okta SSO OIDC settings like the Okta domain, client ID, and more.

Foxglove currently supports both Microsoft and Okta SSO.


On the Extensions settings page, admins can install Foxglove extensions across the organization to better support the team's unique workflows. Enabled extensions are automatically installed for all signed in team members.

Use the foxglove CLI to write and publish Foxglove extensions.


On the Insights settings page, admins can understand how their team members are leveraging the platform.

Import volume

Track the net and cumulative volume of data your Foxglove organization has imported week-over-week:


Understand your team's data storage bill, whether you are nearing your plan’s data limit, and the time periods during which the team imported the most data.